Week 18

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WOW!!! See Ya Round Like A UFO 🙂

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Week 17

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 Ready Set Go All systems are go. I have learnt my songs, bought my equipment and sent my demo out to all the agents and venues. In Australia January and February are the quite months as far as entertainment goes … Continue reading

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Week 16

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The Love and Generosity of the people in my community is overwhelming. Everyday the constant smiles and words of kindness and encouragement fills me full of gratitude. Being in a position to silently tell hundreds of people I Love You … Continue reading

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Week 15

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Busy Busy Busy Between the MKMMA my Music and Home Based Business I have been a busy boy. I am performing everyday and thoroughly enjoying it. I have 4 to 40 to 80 year olds dancing to my music at … Continue reading

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Week 14

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I Am A Mastermind…  The Universe and I Are One… I Am Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious and Happy… I Mastered Self-Honesty…  I Mastered Diet… I Mastered Sleep… I Mastered Sex… I Mastered Procrastination… I Mastered Happiness…  I Mastered … Continue reading

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Week 13

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The Answers Keep Coming… Have you ever had that experience where you are looking for your keys or wallet and it’s in your pocket the whole time? Well that’s the kind of experience I have had with the Week 13 … Continue reading

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Week 12

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Someone mentioned The 7 Laws Of The Mind this morning on our group chat and it reminded me of some pictures I made for one of my old programs I created a few years back called The Gift. (I no longer sell … Continue reading

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Week 11

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The Shadow It was only 11 weeks ago that I was dreaming of playing my guitar seriously but here I am in only a short time and I am ready to go out looking for paying gigs. The video is … Continue reading

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Week 10

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I Don’t Have To Do It… I Get To Do It… My ups and downs are inversionally proportional to my willingness to surrender to The Universal Laws. It really is that simple (as I am discovering.) This simple recording has … Continue reading

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Week 9

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  You will find that it is in reality the “Master Key” The Truth truːθ/ noun a fact or belief that is accepted as true. plural noun: truths “the emergence of scientific truths” synonyms: fact, verity, certainty, certitude. I Am … Continue reading

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